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You can now use a national credit card to buy apps and games on the App Store!

Good news for you, who don't have an international credit card and would like to shop on foreign websites!

Last November, the central bank issued Circular 3,813, which in turn changes Circulars 3,690 and 3,691, both of December 16, 2013. The focus of the changes was two: the conversion into reais of expenses incurred in foreign currency by means of credit cards international use and the form of payment for operations abroad.

Ecommerce - Credit Card and MacBook

In the first case, in summary, we have the following: international credit card issuers will be able to offer customers the option of paying the invoice for the equivalent amount in reais of date of each foreign currency expense. Before, what was worth was the dollar quote at the closing of the invoice and on the day of payment, since on the next invoice the customer received the credit / debit referring to the difference of that quote.

The option to pay the invoice using the quotation of the day of each purchase can be good to dilute the amounts and the risk of you being harmed (or benefited, of course) when using the single quotation on the day of closing / payment of the invoice.

But so far nothing that interests us (at least not directly). The interesting news is even in the second change, related to the form of payment for operations abroad. According to the BC, anyone with a national credit card you can now make purchases on foreign websites. The measure benefits owners of Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple Watches, since now it is enough to have a national credit card to be able to buy apps, music, movies and books in Apple's online stores (App / iTunes / iBooks Store).

The reader Victor Santana already tested and managed to buy an app and a movie on the App / iTunes Store without any problems, using a national credit card issued by Banco do Brasil.

It is worth noting that the national credit card can be used to buy on foreign websites, but it is still not valid for face-to-face purchases abroad (you will not be able to enter an Apple physical store in the USA, for example, and purchase an iPhone) .

For those interested, here is the document (PDF) that contains all these changes.

(via time NEGCIOS)