You can now restore files, contacts, calendars and reminders through

If you have an account at iCloud (Apple's cloud storage and synchronization service), know that the company has implemented a very cool novelty. We don't know exactly when it was made available, but the reader Deivid Loureiro warned us and we confirmed: Apple now offers a relatively simple way for users to restore files, contacts, calendars and reminders stored on iCloud. Backup

To do so, just go to, go to Settings and find the following options in the lower left corner:

  • Restore files
  • Restore contacts
  • Restore calendars and reminders

Restore files

Restore -

As the name makes clear, this option restores the files stored on the iCloud Drive that have been deleted. If you happen to accidentally delete something, you can come here and select exactly the document in question to make it available again.

It is worth noting that Apple informs the file how many days it will still be available before it can be recovered. That is, as if it were that Deleted Items that is available in Photos and Notes (from iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan 10.11) you delete an item and it is available to be restored for 30 days.

Restore contacts

Restore -

Apparently Apple makes backups daily or on the day you change / delete / add some new contact to this information and offer users the option of restoring the entire contact list for that particular day / time. If you happen to have lost some or all of your contacts, you can come in here, choose a day and do the restoration.

In case you have any contact (s) currently and do the restoration, these current ones will be archived so that you can get them back if you need to.

Restore calendars and reminders

Restore -

The recovery of calendars and reminders is quite similar to contacts, with a few exceptions:

  • The shared information will have to be shared again.
  • Scheduled events will be canceled and recreated (with invitations resent).

As with contacts, current calendars and reminders will be saved and archived after a restore is done.

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It is very cool to see this option being made available to users. The sloppy ones will thank you!

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