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You can now reply to messages in Facebook Messenger; Shazam, Gboard, Calendars and Pixelmator get news

C we're here with more news from popular apps from App store! Let's go to them.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger app icon

Among the most anticipated news of the day, few match the instant messenger of Facebook: from now on, Messenger users can reply to specific chat messages, creating a thread own.

Facebook Messenger App Threads

To reply to a specific message, simply touch it and hold your finger for a few moments, then press the "reply" button. From, a thread in which other group participants (if the conversation is a group chat, of course) can participate without clogging the main message chat.

The feature is already active on the latest Facebook Messenger update, available on the App Store.


Shazam app icon

Shazam Encore app icon

The music recognition service purchased by Apple in 2017 continues to improve and evolve at a pace separate from Apple's own products. Recently, Shazam has added one more new feature: date and time recognition of each song identified by him.

Newly, by accessing the “My Shazam” tab, the app will show you the exact moment you identified each song recognized by the service, since you started using it retroactively, so it goes for all your service activity held from 2013 to today. You can even slide your finger up and down the right corner of the screen to see your "timeline" of discoveries.

Changes are already available in both Shazam and Shazam Encore.


Gboard the Google Keyboard app icon

The Google keyboard, in turn, has gained a feature that can be a hand in hand for those who often write in different languages: seamless integration with Google Google translator.

Gboard keyboard for iOS with Google Translate integration

With the new feature, you can get instant translations into any language supported by the system anywhere just by having the onscreen keyboard. To do this, just type the sentence you want to translate, tap the tab “Translator” and select the target language; Integration with Google Translate does all the work.

It's good to note that while Google promises that whatever you type in Gboard stays on your device and not shared with the company, the same cannot be said for translated phrases, the process ultimately involves sending the content to Google's servers so that they come back in the desired language.

Calendars 5

Readdle Calendars 5 app icon

Readdle's celebrated calendar app has gained a small store bath with three major new features. The first of these is a new sidebar, which rene in one screen all your appointments, invitations and notifications; You can then control all the calendars you have subscribed to to see only the tasks that interest you.

In addition, the top of the app now has a selector that allows the user to quickly switch between all viewing modes (tasks, list, day, week, month). Finally, the new search tool is much more accessible, present in the sidebar.


Pixelmator app icon

Finally, one of the most celebrated macOS image editors has received a small update focused on managing layers in a project.

With Pixelmator 3.8.2, users can automatically reposition layers in a composition taking into account the other layers or the selection made by the “Align and Distribute” command. You can also find objects that are aligned or distributed directly through the layers menu.

Pixelmator brings other bug fixes and performance enhancements. It is available by R $ 113 on the Mac App Store.