You can now replace your used Asus notebook with a new Zenfone

Asus laptop users can get excited about the company's used exchange program.

Now you can exchange an old notebook for a new gold, or then for a zero bullet Zenfone in the Zentroca program.

Learn how to follow.

It works like this: you take your used laptop to a trading point for technical evaluation and, after analysis, the exchange coupon made available to the user.

In this case, Asus warrants that the customer leaves with the coupon in hand, different from the postage method, in which you send the product to an exchange agreement signed by the user using the Post Office.

In the latter case, the coupon sent by email.

In either case, however, the exchange promotional code expires 10 days after delivery.

Depending on the review, your old laptop may be worth $ 2,495, but there are some important points in the regulation available at this link.

One is that there is no cumulative coupon system, meaning you can exchange and use only one code per purchase.

In addition, the value of the product to be exchanged must be greater than the value of the coupon, ie if you redeem $ 1,000, the Zenfone you choose must cost a minimum of $ 1001.

AndroidPIT asus zenbook new go 8169
Your Asus laptop could be worth a zero bullet Zenfone / AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

The exchanges are valid for the purchase of products selected by Asus, and not 100% of the portfolio of the company that is available, despite being a large part of it.

The purchase voucher purchased in exchange for smartphones and also for notebooks.

Remember that Asus is not responsible for personal data stored in the delivered notebook (of course, no), and it is not possible to order the product back upon receipt of the voucher (you are wondering what?).

You can make the exchange at an Asus store or then at the online store in the Zentroca section where you can redeem the coupon.

The addresses of trading and evaluation posts are also on this page.

Note: Before, the program did not include the exchange of notebooks for Zenfones, only for equivalent products.

And what did you think of the idea?

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