You can now register Itaú debit cards with Apple Pay! [atualizado]

Who here remembers the saga of Ita debit cards on Apple Pay? Let's remember everything, after all, it's been a while.

In late November, we reported that the bank began to release debit cards at the Apple pay, something that was already offered with certain limitations, true by Bradesco and Banco do Brasil.

Shortly thereafter, customers had difficulty registering their Ita debit cards with Apple Pay. In contact with the bank, the He was informed that the launch was not officially made and that it was still part of a “pilot project involving 5,000 customers” and that there was no set deadline for the general public.

Nothing then had changed. See you today.

In fact, a few days ago we have received reports from readers who were able to register their "pure" Ita debit cards on Apple Pay. However, we were trying to perform the procedure daily here without success.

Debit card

Today, after another reader success story Bruno NascimentoWe also had success.

We contacted Ita's press office to confirm whether the bank has finally officially released debit cards on Apple Pay or if we are just talking about an extension of the group participating in this pilot project.

Update 4/26/2019 11:46 AM

Ita confirmed to the that, as of today (April 26), “pure” debit cards and the multiple card debit function are now officially supported on Apple Pay.

The advisory also said that, for now, additional credit cards remain unsupported, but the bank is working to make it possible without a deadline for this to happen.