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You can now have black AirPods Pro!

Apple may not have released a variety of colors for Apple AirPods Pro As expected, but that doesn't mean you only have the option to purchase the new Ma white headphones in white.

It is likely that some of you will remember the ColorWareis a company that has stood out for offering several customization options for the original AirPods. Behold, she has now customized the AirPods Pro for a very high price, by the way, offering 32 color options ranging from solid to metallic tones (such as black, purple, yellow, orange, red, gold, silver and more).

ColorWare-painted AirPods Pro

Each headset can be painted a different color, and the wireless charging case can also be customized with one of the available colors. Of course, ColorWare does not remove any of the functionality of the headphones, so the active noise canceling features, Transparency Mode and the outside sensor will work properly even with painting.

As we said, the user will have to pay a little more for customization than if they were to purchase the AirPods Pro directly from Apple: to buy and paint the headphones are charged $ 390 ($ 140 more than the normal value of gadgets); already the charging case customization costs $ 50, making the whole set come out for $ 440 (~ $ 1,830, in direct conversion).

AirPods Pro can be customized on the ColorWare website, and the company requests up to four weeks for wireless headsets to be shipped. As with Apple, ColorWare offers a one-year limited warranty.

In addition to the second generation AirPods and Pro, ColorWare also customizes other Apple accessories and products such as iPhones, iPads, Beats headsets, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and many others.

via Wccftech