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You can now attach media to RTs on Twitter; SketchBook, iFood and Banco do Brasil are updated

And we're back with the coolest app updates on the App Store! Let's take a look at them?


Twitter app icon

The bird's social network added a feature long requested by users. “Edit” button? No, no: the possibility of add images, GIFs or videos to a retweet.

Today we present an update that you were expecting quite a lot of drumming: retweets with GIFs, photos and videos! Keep reading to get behind the scenes of why and how we designed this feature.

We tweets Following, the network design team explained the challenges in implementing the novelty: It was necessary to create a solution that visually indicated that those two contents (media and reprinted post) are part of the same post as a user, which in the end. , generated a visual in which the image is displayed larger at the top, with the condensed RT at the bottom.

It is very simple to attach a multimedia content to your RT: by tapping the “Retweet with comment” option, you just have to go to the image and video selector, as you do in a tweet any, and choose the desired average.

It is good to note that, for now, the news is not yet enabled on Twitter standard browsers only the new network design, which is available for some users, has support for multimedia RTs. IOS and Android apps have already been updated with the news.

Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBook app icon

The software giant's illustration and design application has recently received good news in its iOS, Windows and Android versions. Want an example? In the world of Ma, we now have support for iPads Pro and the second-generation Apple Pencil, with two touches on the pencil surface to switch between the latest tool and the eraser.

SketchBook 5.0 has also gained a number of perspective-related features such as one-, two-, or three-point guides, the option of locking a perspective, a new tool to always make the horizon visible, and more. We also have a new curved ruler for precise design of winding shapes.


IFood - Food Delivery app icon

One of the leading applications for delivery from Brazil, in turn, has gained a look that makes navigating much easier. With version 9.0 we now have the tab bar, a lower bar with the app's four main functions: “Home” (with highlights, categories, latest restaurants, etc.), “Search”, “Orders” and “Profile”.

Certainly, much better to navigate that way.

Bank of Brazil

Bank of Brazil app icon

The newly renewed BB app continues to receive good improvements. Now, in version 7.4, it brings improvements to account opening and card orders, adjustments to the account opening process, changes to chat with managers and of course general bug fixes.