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You can now access the Spotify library on Apple Watch; Instagram and Outlook are updated

And we're back with the most important updates from popular apps from App store! Let's take a look at them below.


Spotify app icon - Music & Podcasts

The largest platform of streaming world music doesn't usually list the news of your apps, but our player Jean Marcos Zanatta noticed (thank you!) a very important addition made recently: now who uses Spotify on Apple watch may have own access library directly from the clock.

Spotify library on watchOSImages: Jean Marcos Zanatta

With the news, you can access not only your library of music saved in Spotify, but your playlists, artists, albums, podcasts, and more. This makes watchOS 'use of the platform much more independent. Good news, isn't it?


Instagram IGTV app icon

The Instagram video platform, the IGTV, may not have taken off so far, but that does not mean that Facebook is setting it aside quite the opposite.

IGTV today received a beautiful store bath incorporating many of Mark Zuckerberg's old tactics as get too inspired on competitors riding a better wave.

IGTV New Design

The information is from TechCrunch: In IGTV's redesign, the horizontal scrolling interface has been replaced by one based on vertically arranged comics, such as the new Asian TikTok phenomenon or Snapchat. Also, the categories have been totally extinct now, we have only one feed content that may interest you.

News on IGTV is already starting to be released to users and should reach everyone over the next few weeks.


Microsoft Outlook app icon

For the second time in weeks, Microsoft has released an update to its email client focused on Apple watch but if the previous one brought new complications to the latest version of the watch, the latest update focuses on notifications sent to watchOS.

With the new notifications, you can see the first lines of incoming email, as well as detailed information about your calendar events and Outlook-set reminders – all directly from the notification sent to Apple Watch. In addition, email notifications now vibrate on the clock so you don't miss any new messages.