Accessing from the iPhone

You can now access from your iPhone!

When he launched iPadOS, Apple implemented a very welcome change in Safari: with the new system, the browser started to behave as if it were on a desktop. The side effect of this, for example, is that for the first time users of the they now have access to the site through the browser – something impossible until then. iPhones, however, were left out.

Recently, Apple made some changes silently on to allow the site to be accessible not only by tablets, but also by iPhones, iPods touch and even by devices running the Android operating system – as reported by News Landed.

Accessing from the iPhone

The way the site works changes slightly depending on the device you are using; on the iPhone, for example, I can access the web apps Photos, Grades, Sticky notes and Search iPhone. In fact, it’s worth noting that on, Apple hasn’t gathered the web apps Fetch iPhone and Fetch Friends – to make them the new Fetch app.

Accessing from the iPhone

On iPads – and possibly other tablets -, in addition to the above, you also have access to web apps Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iCloud Drive and Find Friends.

Without a doubt, the experience is even better when using the native apps available on iOS and iPadOS. But for some kind of quick view of information using someone else’s device, no doubt this access is very useful and welcome. ?

via 9to5Mac