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You can make macOS Mojave Dark Mode… darker!

Among the new features introduced in macOS Mojave, few were as celebrated as the Dark mode, which brings a fresh look to the system while refreshing our precious eyes with a less glossy interface. You may already be using the Dark mode MacOS for a few months, but you may not know the following information: You can leave it still darker even if a little bit.

To enable ‚ÄúDarkest Dark Mode‚ÄĚ, simply go to the ‚ÄúGeneral‚ÄĚ area within System Preferences. Turn on the ‚ÄúDark‚ÄĚ appearance (if it is not enabled yet, of course) and in the ‚ÄúHighlight Color‚ÄĚ field select the last Graffiti. Ready!

As I quoted, the changes are subtle. This GIF gives an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe difference:

Dark mode even darker on macOS Mojave

As the colors become slightly darker, the contrast with the system's white font becomes more pronounced, which may be beneficial for those using the computer in high light situations. The bad part, of course, is that you lose the option of choosing another system highlight color for me, for example, the blue macOS and always will be, there is no way to change.

To go back to ‚ÄúDark-less Dark Mode‚ÄĚ, of course, simply choosing any other color in the system selector is not known why Apple decided to make darker tones with only one of the available options.

Did you like the tip? Enjoy!

via OS X Daily