You can even improve Apple maps in your region. See how.

And the rule is repeated: new iPhone, new problemamagates. Some old ones, like the yellowed screen, light leakage, and some new ones, like the easily scratchable surface (which is not exactly new), in addition to the “crippled” map application.

The effort of people around the world to make the flaws of the iOS 6 Maps app quite noticeable is quite remarkable, as well as arguing that ‘that would not have happened if Steve Jobs were alive‘… It is much easier criticize than putting this effort into something positive.

This is kind of sad. Since the launch of the iPhone, one of its biggest strengths is its community. Users and developers happy and proud to be part of a select group (and I mean select not because it is a small group, but rather a differentiated group. A group that is not satisfied with little). And this group has already achieved incredible things, starting with the App Store and its 700,000 apps created and 30 billion downloaded.

I reiterate a comment I made a few days ago in a post: I find it complicated to defend that Apple has ‘taken Google Maps’ from iOS to put its own system. The hole is further down and we cannot be so innocent as to believe that the information that reaches us is complete and nothing is left out. But regardless of the reason, one fact remains: the map system on our beloved iPhone is incomplete.

I confess that it’s even funny to go through Maps and see that the name of Antarctic Park Stadium (in the city of São Paulo) is written in a oriental language (Chinese / Japanese / Korean).

No, it’s not in the Liberdade neighborhood

But instead of laughing and closing the app, I laughed and sent a correction.

Helping to improve Maps

Perhaps not everyone knows, but Apple allows you to send map corrections directly from the device, in a very easy and practical way.

So we would like to invite all readers of the iPhone Blog: how about tinkering with Maps a little bit every day, and sending corrections about places and establishments that are incorrect? If everyone helps with a little bit, after some time we can be proud of not only having an iPhone, but also contributing to making your map app even better.

Here is a short guide on how to send a fix to Apple. If everyone helps, we will all win.

Step 1 – Open the Maps application and browse a region that you know well.

Step 2 – When you find an error, select the establishment (or point of interest highlighted on the map) by touching the corresponding icon.

Step 3 – Select the “Indicate Problem” button.

Step 4 – On the new screen, select which category best fits the problem you are reporting on 

Step 5 – On the next screen, Edit the information, correcting what is incorrect 

Step 6 – After everything is fixed, tap the button Submit and ready!

This can be done on both iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 6 installed.

You just contributed to make our Maps system more complete, reliable, and on top of that, you can tell everyone “I helped”. The information will not be changed immediately. This data is sent to Apple, and after verification, they change the data. This can take days. And how about after sending a correction, you put here in the comments where did you help?


And we have already managed to change the map of Apple in just a few hours of mobilization. Parque Antártica is already written in Portuguese and the icon is now a stadium, not a “park”. Congratulations to all of you who collaborated. ?