You can create and use unofficial dials in Apple Watch – to some extent

If there is anything as versatile as the Apple watch itself, we can cite the possibility of customizing the dial this gadget. Still, while considering the various options offered, Apple still does not allow third parties to create and add their own dials except Nike and Herms, which have their own dials due to the partnership with the giant of Cupertino.

Last April, however, we commented that a watchOS 4.3.1 internal code suggested allowing third-party dials, but none of that had been implemented (at least officially). Recently, the developer Steve Troughton-Smith published a series of comments showing that this is not only possible, as it already is from an open source program called SpriteKitWatchFace.

Trying Apple Watch dials with SpriteKit. Very easy to do; set watchOS to show the latest app on wakeup and create a SpriteKit app.

By setting up an Apple Watch to show the last app used when the wrist is raised, that app kind of “replaces” the original Apple display since, of course, the user remembers that SpriteKit must be the last app used before lowering the wrist. again.

The developer David Smith He also seized the opportunity and created his own Apple Watch dial designs. Check out some of the shared creations on your Twitter page.

I have collected some of my ideas and experiences on trying out custom watchOS dials this week. The process has been tremendously fun and enlightening.

The creation process involves basic knowledge of Xcode and design. If you want to test and create your own dials, just download the SpriteKitWatchFace code from GitHub. Then unzip the ZIP archive and open the Xcode format document; In the left tab of the application, open the file FaceScenes.sks and create your own design. If you have any questions, check out this tutorial.

What did you think of the option of creating your own dial? Although this is not an official solution, it is very convincing and can leave your Apple Watch more with your face. 😉

via the loop