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You can connect to Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices directly through iOS 13 Control Center.

Gradually, we explore more iOS / iPadOS 13 and discover news that Apple chose to cite in the keynote of WWDC19 but that can be as important to users as were presented by there. Today we will talk about Control Center.

Finally, from the new version of the mobile operating system, it will be possible to touch and hold the icons of the Wifi It's from Bluetooth for a quick list of networks / devices you want to connect to. No need to go to Adjustments for it, as before.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 13 Control Center

The last major change Apple made in this area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe Control Center was on iOS 11, which sparked a lot of controversy because Apple changed the behavior of buttons to simply disconnect them from networks / devices instead. completely turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth components.

Still inside the Control Center, the little boy from Airplay was more organized, dividing devices by category (headphones, speakers, TVs, etc.).

AirPlay in iOS 13 Control Center

Personal Access

Another related novelty concerns the Personal Access (Personal hotspot). On iOS 13, this connection becomes persistent so you no longer have to go to the Personal Access Settings area so someone else can connect to it. If the feature is active, it will be visible.

In addition, Personal Access starts to work more automatically. That is, if you are using an iPad and its Wi-Fi crashes, for example, the system will be able to automatically connect to iPhone Personal Access so you can continue browsing without interruption. The news also works between devices registered in iCloud Family Sharing.

Finally, it is worth noting that iOS / iPadOS 13 also incorporates native WPA3 support for even more secure Wi-Fi connections.

collaborated: Vincius Porto