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THE Yoink, developed by Matthias Gansrigler, is an excellent utility to store your items temporarily.

The app works as a kind of “virtual shelf”, to store almost any type of element – files, pieces of text, images, app content or more – just by dragging them to its interface.

Based on the drag and drop feature, on the iPad it works as much as an app in Slide Over how much in Split View and accepts almost any type of element, including those from the clipboard or in multiple quantities – if you drag three images to the app, for example, it will create a folder with them for later interaction.

Links saved on Yoink have built-in preview and places can also be viewed without leaving the app with a preview of Maps.

With support for iCloud synchronization, Continuity, a keyboard that can be added to iOS and fully integrated with Spotlight, Yoink is the perfect solution for various needs.

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If you want, the version for macOS is also discounted:

Yoink app icon - Drag and drop

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Below are other applications / games that together add up almost R $ 114 discount:

IOS Apps

Navigate to Photo app icon

Utility for location and photos.

Fruits vs Veggies: Toy Store app icon

Application for the little ones.

Poppinz app icon: Family Calendar App

Family calendar.

Goat Simulator app icon

Goat simulator.

Bronze Age app icon

Strategy game.

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Musical creation.

MacOS app

Bridge Constructor app icon

Build bridges.

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