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Yes, it is possible to connect a Nintendo Switch to an iMac – if you are willing to spend $ 580

After a phase of controversial decisions (ol, Wii U) and hence skeletal cows, the Nintendo seems to have rediscovered the path of the stones with the Switch. The desktop and portable console hybrid is quite pleasing to the public and disappearing off the shelves quite easily, even after more than six months since its release.

However, in this postmodern world we live in, one problem persists: when we get tired of playing on the small 6-inch panel and want to move the content to the big screen, how do we do it? Most of us are increasingly turning away from TV as a must-have device at home; if it exists, it is certainly already occupied by a number of other devices. If you own a newer iMac, then TV isn't even the best screen you have at home.

Well luckily the 9to5Mac posted an interesting video with the answer to the question that probably nobody asked but still good to know: yes, it is possible to connect your Nintendo Switch (or another console, in fact) to an iMac or a series of other computers the detail that For this you need, for a change, to get the scorpion out of your pocket.

The answer to the whole question has a complicated name: Elgato Game Capture HD60 S. It is a small device, similar to a small external HDD, with an HDMI input and a USB-C port. Just plug the HDMI cable into your console and accessory and plug a USB-C cable into it and into your computer and voileIt's a piece of software to capture the screen of the video game and display it directly on your machine, with extremely low latency and near-perfect quality. And of course you can still enjoy all the benefits of the accessory whose main purpose is streaming and capture gaming sessions for sharing with the world.

It is good to note, however, that the HD60 S does not have its own encoder ie the computer itself that is in charge of all the heavy task of capturing the contents of the console and displaying it. Because of this, the minimum specifications for running a modern video game with good rates are reasonably high: on Mac, Elgato recommends an AMD or NVIDIA graphics chip and an Intel Core i5 processor. quad core or superior. The staff of 9to5Mac He claimed to have been able to run Mario Kart 8 Deluxe very efficiently on an incoming iMac but the experience could be another with more complex games or, worse yet, more powerful consoles like the Xbox One X.

Also, it is worth remembering that the HD60 S costs $ 180 (~ $ 580) on Amazon, not including import and shipping costs. So maybe the solution should be employed only by those who have made an immutable choice not to have a TV at home and want much Play your video games on a big screen.