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Yes, it is possible to burn a CD through Apple Watch (not that anyone is asking)

Despite being a relatively mature product, there are still a lot of things you can't do with a Apple watch Of course, since the watch's own format (and screen size) makes various tasks difficult, tedious, or even impossible.

Know what at the impossible to do with Watch, on the other hand? Burn a CD. Somehow.

The intrepid developer discovery Niles mitchell, from the YouTube channel "Will It Work?". Mitchell, who specializes in the art of AppleScript, used an Apple Watch Series 5, an iMac (with a plugged-in Apple external CD burner), and an FTP connection service, Rumpus. And yes, it all worked out.

This depends on what you classify as "working out". As Mitchell pointed out, Apple Watch still doesn't allow you to access and transfer files through it, so the developer was able to create folders inside the CD. Still, the process was completed: he simply sent a link to Rumpus's IP, connected to the CD's folder by iMessage, opened it on the watch, created the folders and, using a code created in AppleScript, sent a command to the Mac. to burn the disc.

If you want to do a similar feat, then you know you can. Be l for whatever reason.

via Cult of Mac