Analyst bets on new Mac sales record: 3.3 million in Q4 ’09

Year-end sales will contribute significantly to Apple's growth in 2009

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A note from Caris & Company sent today to investors made positive forecasts for the end of this fiscal year for Apple, in its three main businesses. The iPhone, seen as the most prominent among them, is expected to grow significantly in 2009, reaching 26.6 million units sold worldwide.

This represents 96% growth compared to 2008, which will continue to be seen on a smaller scale in the coming year, when Apple is expected to sell 36.6 million iPhones. However, this does not represent much in terms of market share, as the company manages to command only 16% of the smartphone market and 3% of the total cell phones.

The iPod, in turn, did not grow much compared to 2008, even with the new line launched last month. Apparently, whoever stands out in this sector of the company is even the iPod touch, thanks to its capabilities far superior to other Ma media players.

On the Mac, 2.8 million units are expected to be sold in the fourth fiscal quarter, a good recovery from the crisis that affected sales in the last quarter of 2008 and the first of 2009. What should attract investors' attention, however , the first fiscal quarter of 2010, which should be positive for Apple's growth in the computer market, should the rumors of new iMacs, MacBooks and Macs mini materialize.

[via AppleInsider]