Yahoo News Digest comes to Android

O Yahoo News Digest was released during CES in January, only for iOS and with news from the United States and the United Kingdom, now Yahoo presents the app for Android and, together with him, two new verses: International and Canadian; unfortunately the app is only in english.

yahoo news digestNews Digest now for Android / Yahoo

The News Digest features two daily summaries, one 8h and another 18h, with leading international news in some fields: Science, Business, Sports, Health, World, Technology, Americas, Europe, etc. Usually they are presented between 8 and 12 articles by the way, but the app can always pull more if the user wants it. Algorimos choose, summarize and pull links to maps, Wikipedia entries, videos and photos to complete the reading; In addition, publishers from Yahoo in the United Kingdom, United States and Malaysia work on compiling the articles on the international version of the app. The Android app comes with a widget It is made up of cards, where you can navigate between the summaries already received.

The app has a very design in the style of Yahoo Weather: simple, clean and easy to understand; In a few hours of use, I already have my preference over others: it only remains to know if the quality and relevance of the news remain, since it is not possible to select what is shown. The idea of ​​2 daily abstracts makes reading easier, but I miss the possibility of choosing what appears and when I receive the abstracts.

Unlike other news apps, the goal, according to Maria Zhang, senior engineering director, is for the experience to be fast, for the user to get in and out of the app without taking too long: the average time spent on the app is just 2 and a half minutes each time.

*There is one easter egg on the settings page, a genius style game.

What are your favorite news apps and how do they compare to Yahoo News Digest?

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