Yahoo Messenger is back with everything, it remains to be seen who will use it

Did you know that Yahoo Messenger Still exist? Not only that, but it has just been completely renovated.

Yahoo announced yesterday the new version of its Messenger, available for iOS, Android, web and also integrated with Yahoo Mail.

And he came with everything.

Sorry, app not found.

I mean, almost everything.

On iOS, no compatibility with iPads or Apple Watches.

But the app was really cool and cute, bringing individual and group chats, likes in messages, possibility to delete anything sent by mistake, easy and fast photo sharing, integration with animated GIFs and more.

You can even use it offline, and then everything is sent when you reconnect to the network.

Very cool, very cool, but who will use it? As well done as the app is, it is another one in a sea of ​​dozens.

Okay, there's Yahoo's name behind it, but he's fighting head-on with Facebook (WhatsApp + Messenger), Google (Hangouts), Apple (iMessage) and so on.

(via The Verge)