Yahoo Mail: Learn how to set up your account

There are a large number of different websites that offer the option of creating an email, many of which are excellent. The best known these days is Gmail, but if you don't like Google's service, Yahoo Mail can be a very good alternative.

Read on and find out not only how to use it, but also learn how to configure it to use in conjunction with Outlook.

1. What is Yahoo Mail?

Before we explain the step-by-step on how to set up your account for this email service, let's first give you an overview of what it does. Keep reading this first section to know everything.

Yahoo Mail is an email service launched in 1997 by Yahoo, which is currently a subsidiary of Verizon. It offers four different plans, three for personal use and one for companies. It has more than 225 million users.

Through it, it is possible to manage and access your inboxes through internet browsers, through programs such as Outlook, connecting with protocols such as POP3 and SMTP and, since 2015, it is also possible to connect email accounts that are not only Yahoo to the web client.

For many years, users could create accounts with national domains (such as@ or with domains @ However, this has been removed so that only accounts with@ are created.

It also has an app for Android and iPhone, which allow you to use Yahoo Mail on your smartphone.

2. How to set up your account?

With that in mind, we will now teach you how to set up your Yahoo Mail account in any email manager program, using Microsoft Outlook as a platform for the guide.

First, it is necessary to create an email account, a very easy process to do. Follow the link to his login site and, l, click on the"Create an account". Then, enter your full name, choose the address you will use, your cell phone number and create a password.

Yahoo Mail Registration

All you need to do to complete the creation of your account is to confirm the cell phone by entering the code received by SMS (which may take a while).

The time has come to add your email address in Outlook. To do this, open the program and, right on the home screen, type the email to be added. Check the box to set up the account manually and click the connect button.

Now choose how you want to connect the account, from the various ways offered. After selecting whether by POP or IMAP, enter the email password then enter the following information:

  • For POP
    • Incoming server:
    • Porto: 995
    • SSL / TLS
    • Outgoing server:
    • Porto: 465

<img class = "alignnone size-full wp-image-72579″ alt=”POP Yahoo Mail” width=”480″ height=”545″ src=””/>

  • For IMAP
    • Incoming server:
    • Porto: 993
    • SSL / TLS
    • Outgoing server:
    • Porto: 465

IMAP Yahoo Mail

Okay, with that your email account is set up in Outlook!

Did you like our guide on how to set up your Yahoo Mail account?

Leave in the comments if you already knew this email service and if you prefer another one. Don't forget to check, too, how to recover deleted emails in Outlook and how to block emails in Outlook!

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