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Yahoo Mail: Email App Wins New Version with Smart Tabs | Email

With the news, it is possible to better control the flow of emails in the inbox. The "Subscriptions" tab, for example, focuses on promotional messages and lets you unsubscribe from any one-touch marketing newsletter without leaving the app. In "Attachments", in turn, users can directly access all received files, eliminating the need to search for the message containing the document or photo in question.

Another highlight of the new Yahoo Mail that the app offers users the ability to log in to email accounts of other services and associate them with the app. The feature allows you to manage all profiles from a single inbox.

Among the changes of the new version is also the app interface, customizable and easier to use. In addition to customizing the layout colors and arranging the navigation bar according to the importance of the tabs, the user can enable dark mode, a feature that makes it easy to read in low light environments and helps to save battery power.