Yahoo Launches New Messenger Together, a Slack for Family and Friends

First, let's remedy the primordial debt of everyone who read the title above: yes, the Yahoo Still exist. So much so that he is still doing things, and after killing his Yahoo Messenger a few months ago, he comes back from the ashes to officially launch his new messenger, called Together.

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Available for testing over the last few months under the name of "Squirrel", Yahoo Together finally comes to its final format with a face and features that resemble Slack a lot even though the focus here, rather than team communication. and businesses, be in the most affective parts of the user's life and in contact with family and friends.

The main idea is to divide the main contact "groups" of your life, such as people from home, family, friends, college colleagues, soccer group, and so on. Within each group, conversations can be broken down into topics, marked with #hashtags so each member participates only in conversations they are interested in and can even create secret topics if they want to arrange a surprise party for a group member, for example.

Together supports basically all types of files, which can be shared directly within the app environment; We also have a robust search engine that lets you find any old message with just a few keywords. Of course, like any self-respecting messenger in 2018, we have selfies fun, emojis and stickers everywhere, support for audio or video calls is not yet present.

Yahoo Together is now available on the App Store and Google Play, and can be used for free around the world without invitation.

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via TechCrunch