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Yahoo buys Aviate, the smart launcher for Android

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer today announced at CES in Las Vegas the purchase of Aviate, the smart launcher for Android. Aviate developers Mark Daiss, William Choi and Paul Montoy-Wilson, will now work at Yahoo, as do most companies that CEO Marissa Mayer's company acquires.

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Marissa Mayer Announces Acquisition of Aviate at CES in Las Vegas / Yahoo

In addition to the day, work, home, and night screens, Aviate also has screens for times when the user is moving somewhere, making it easy to access useful apps like Waze and Maps. Aviate information changes depending on the signals captured by Wi-Fi, 3G, and GPS.

What to expect from Aviate from now on?

Aviate is a very reputable launcher and the acquisition will surely bring advantages for Yahoo to deliver its content to millions of Android users. Displaying stock market quotes early in the day is an example rather than forcing the user to open the finance application.

aviate homescreens

With different proposal from the other launchers, Aviate conquered the users. / Aviate

More news on Yahoo

In addition to Aviate, Yahoo today also launched the Yahoo Tech and Yahoo Food portals. CEO Marissa Mayer also announced an app called News Digest, which is already on the Apple App Store.

We tested Aviate in 2013 and the app is available on the Play Store for guests only. But to celebrate the acquisition, Aviate is offering 25,000 more invitations to more Android users to test the smart launcher. Just use the code YAHOO! But run, they should not last long!

The value of the deal between Yahoo and Aviate was not disclosed. And did you like the news? Already using Aviate? Comment!

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