Xserve died… hurray for Active Storage!

We are just days away from the time when the Xserve will fill the world with its swan barrel.

People who have invested in solutions with Apple's servers, however, need not be desperate (in fact, most are not even so concerned): in addition to Ma continuing to provide assistance to all its customers, a company intends to occupy the vacuum that will be left by the end of the Xserves.

Or at least what this image on the Active Storage website suggests:

Teaser on the ActiveStorage homepage

According to the 9 to 5 Mac, Apple would already be recommending Active Storage as a hardware supplier for data centers business for a few months.

In addition, there is a rumor circulating that Mac OS X Server can run on virtual machines running on third-party hardware from the next month, and with Apple's blessing.

It remains in the air and asks: what's under that black cloth? Probably the spiritual successor to the Xserve is a Motorola XOOM that it shouldn't be.

In a few days all questions will be answered.