Xposed Framework: Official Verse Brings Android 7.1 Nougat

Xposed Framework already supports Android 7.1 Nougat, but unofficial. Thanks to XDA Developers forum developers (wow!) You can already install the Android-based Xposed Framework Nougat via a Zip archive.

If you have parachuted in this article, be aware that I am referring to a set of tools for Android that allow you to install apps from various developers. The functions of the Xposed Framework range from making the device boot process faster, customizing the device's status bar, or even much of the user interface. However, to use Xposed I need some prerequisites, such as root access of the device and a Custom Recovery.

Here on the site we have talked a lot about the modules of Xposed for Android, but the development of the new version with support for Nougat has been dragging for some time. In January, Xposed developer Rovo89 said that the process of renewing modules and supporting new versions of Android was already under development and should be released soon.

About a week ago, Rovo89 provided a support update for Android Nougat and said there was still a lot of work to be done to make Xposed work properly in Nougat and that we simply had to be patient.

And it all generated a commotion of the community that decided to move forces to make the modules available. So now we have an adaptation that can be installed on other custom ROMs via a Zip archive.

According to the XDA topic, there are three versions available for different platforms, including Xposed SDK25 ARM64, Xposed SDK25 ARM and Xposed SDK25 x86. The PurifyOS team has tested this new version of Xposed with a OnePlus 3T running OxygenOS based on Android 7.1, but should work on other phones running Nougat. Some users have even reported that they have successfully installed Zip on different ROMs and devices.

Please check this topic on the XDA Forum and check the users comment before flashing this version. Some members reported that they had some forced closures and other errors after installing this Zip. Note also that not all existing Xposed Framework modules will work immediately, but really popular ones like Amplify are working.

To download the Xposed Framework SDK25 for any of the three versions click here.

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