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Xposed and Lollipop: The Modules That Work on Android 5.1

As many advanced Android readers and users already know, the transition to Android Lollipop has slowed the development process for the Xposed Framework. Work on Xposed for Android 5.0 continues, but Android 5.1 is on the waiting list until 5.0 is stable. Nevertheless, many of our favorite modules work on Android 5.1, and below we've prepared a list for you. Check out this article which Xposed modules work on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

What happened to the Xposed Framework with the arrival of Lollipop?

If you didn't follow the story: the arrival of the new version of Android represented a watershed for Xposed. Its original developer, rovo89, encountered problems with some Lollipop functions, and this delayed work. O Android Run Time (ART) caused problems, as did SELinux, making the development process longer and more laborious. Devices running on TouchWiz, for example, simply did not work.

xposed teaser
We have separated all Xposed modules that work with Android 5.1 Lollipop. / ANDROIDPIT

While the rovo89 Still working on the Xposed stabilization process for Android 5.0, other developers have already started work on Android 5.1 and Android 5.1.1 with their permission. Two of them in particular, the break up it's the C3C076, have released modified versions of Xposed that work with the latest version of Android, although some modules still don't work and TouchWiz still has problems.

How to install Xposed Framework on Android 5.1?

If you want to use the modules listed below, be sure to install one of the versions Alpha As stated above, both the break up how much C3C076 have topics on XDA with the links for download.

Then you must flash the Xposed Framework zip file via Recovery Mode and download the installation APK on your device. Make a full backup of your system before proceeding, and disable any modules already installed before flashing the zip file.

AndroidPIT Galaxy S5 Lollipop KitKat
ART on Android Lollipop and TouchWiz caused problems for the Xposed Framework. / ANDROIDPIT

The files to download will depend on which version of Android you use and which version Alpha will want to install. Keep in mind that this version receives almost daily changes. The Gravity Box developer, for example, has already made additional changes that reinstate the functionality of Greenify, Flat Style Colored Bars, Amplify and Gravity Box itself, among others. In other words, this list is by no means definitive.

Xposed modules that work with Android 5.1 Lollipop

3Dot Mod


Advanced Power Menu


Always Expandable

Android Theme Engine

App Settings

APV Youtube Module

Awesome Pop-up Video

Battery History XXL

Battery Stats Plus

Boot manager



Chrome New Tab

Chrome Selection Patch


Coolify Flat

Copy toast



Deep Sleep Battery Saver

Disable Flag Secure

Disable SU Indicator

Email Kill Attachment Limits

Enable Ambient Display

Enable Notification Ticker Lollipop

Enable SwiftKey Prediction On More Fields

Enhanced Toast

Exchange Bypass For Lollipop

Exchange Fake User Agent

Force FastScroll

Force Immersive Mode


Gesture Navigation

GravityBox (LP)

Google Play Music Listen Later

Hide Network Indicators

Hide Traffic Indicators

Holo themer

Hosts Enabler


Immersive Mode Dont Panic


Lollipop Power Menu



Minimum Brightness


Network Speed ​​Indicator

Network Speed ​​Monitor

Nexus Navbarz


Obb on SD


Overflow Mod



Play Music Downloaded Only Remove

Remove Battery Saver Warning Color

Restore Notification Ticker

Root Cloak

Screenshot Delay Remover

Screen Off / On

Smooth System Progress Bar

Songza Patcher

Spotify AVCRP

Swiftkey Goodness Mode



Tinted Recent Panels

Unbeloved Hosts


Unicon Beta

VolumeSteps +

Wear messenger

Google WebView




Xposed Custom Error

Xposed TableMetrics Module v3.0



XToast V 1.7



Youtube AdAway

VolumeSteps +

Do you already use Xposed with Android 5.1? What are your impressions?

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