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really very interesting is the fever that has become retr style photography. And the past of photographs may come back precisely because of the technological advance we are currently living. To have pictures in an album as if they were taken in the 1950s or 1960s. Those who have a passion for retr aesthetics should certainly continue our review today, as we will talk about a suitable app for the theme. Your name: XnRetro. Good reading!

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab

XnRetro does not take much time to install and the app is immediately ready to use with its 20 filters and 26 frames. These can be used both on photos already in the photo gallery and on those taken from the app itself.

The app comes with photo editing options such as the famous crop and color adjustment, brightness, contrast and saturation. In fact, we all know that this is nothing more than any photo app should have. Photos can be saved in three different formats: small (mx. 512 pixels), medium (mx. 1024 pixels) and large (mx. 2048 pixels). Images can be shared on Facebook, Picasa, WhatsApp, email and others.

The interesting thing about the app is that you can immediately edit a photo taken. And applying filters to edited photos was no big deal. The procedure was smooth. To view the various visual effects of the app, just click on the magic wand. Their names could not be simpler: Retro1, Retro2, …, Retro20. There are those who complain about the developers' lack of creativity, because filters deserve names that already explain a little what they will do with a certain photo. The same goes with the frames.

Conclusion:XnRetro is an essential app that gets right to the point of what it has to do with its functions. This can be considered something positive, but also nothing more than the obligation of a photo app. The effects and frames were very well designed. All in all, it is an easy to use and very well made app. Therefore: recommended!

Screen & Controls

XnRetro's interface is designed to get right to the point and provide filters to your camera images. The buttons are very appropriate in their handling and the commands are very easy and intuitive.

Speed ​​& Stability

XnRetro works very well. Photos are loaded quickly and even taking new photos is a fairly elementary procedure that does not bring any problems to the user.

Price / Performance Ratio

XnRetro can be downloaded for free from our App Center. The best thing is that the app does not come with banner ads! Incredible!

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