Xiaomi's New Wireless Headset Earns Bluetooth Certificate

Since the trend of removing the standard headset connection on mobile phones has arrived, wireless headsets have started to gain ground, mainly driven by Apple and Airpods.

Xiaomi already has models of wireless headsets available and work to launch others, the Air2 expected as a continuation of the AirDots Pro line and has not yet been officially announced, but another device has emerged, the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2S.

BeeBest Smart Walkie Talkie by Xiaomimais than a simple walkie talkie

The new headset appears to be a different model than expected and features a different serial number, appears as TWSEJ05WM, implying that a newer version than Air2 (also known as AirDots 2 Pro) previously seen as TWSEJ02JY.

For the new gadget, it is expected to come with Qualcomm's QCC5126 audio chip with wireless charging support.

Moreover, there is no definite release date, and it is unlikely to appear later this year.

Xiaomi maintains a wide range of lines and products, including sub-brands such as Redmi, which now operates more independently.

Diversifying is part of the company's success and also its history, she was the highlight of large startup smartphone maker company making various products occupy the homes of the Chinese and then the world.

It also has aggressive price planning, which helps to reach distant markets, including Brazil.

The company returned to Brazil this year through a partnership with DL Eletrnicos and has been offering its various products to date.

With low-price policy with small profits, India has become number one in smart TV sales, the company occupies 33% of the region's market, ahead of LG, Sony and Samsung.

Following product diversification, she recently introduced BeeBest Smart, Walki-Talkie which has WiFi, Bluetooth and even 4G connections.

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