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Xiaomi Yeelight Lamps Gain HomeKit Compatibility

Little by little, the framework Apple's home automation industry is gaining new supporters from both consumers and manufacturers. Today, a big name decided to join the HomeKit: a Xiaomi, through its line of smart lamps Yeelight.

The company announced on the official website of the lamps that after eight months of work, has added official support for HomeKit in their firmware. The cool thing is that integration is not just for new models: some existing devices will be able to integrate with HomeKit with a simple software update several owners have even reported receiving notification on their iPhones warning of the news.

Products in the line that are now supported by HomeKit are Yeelight Smart LED Bulb (in color), the Smart LED Bulb (Tunable white) and the Aurora Lightstrip Plus. These are three relatively newer models, but at a lower price range than Philips' competing Hue line devices, which could mean a popularization of smart lamps in places where they have not yet caught on.

Moreover, it is worth remembering that, although Xiaomi does not officially sell lamps in Brazil, several third party resellers fulfill this function in the Free Market or in the United States. marketplaces from national sales websites, for example.

Good news, no?

tip of Khaled Silva