Xiaomi works on feature to "replace ass" in photos

Those who enjoy photography have had the experience of seeing a beautiful "ruined" photo because the sky was not good. Maybe it was overexposed, or it was cloudy, or the colors weren't as good as the naked eye. Keeping an eye on this problem, Xiaomi is working on a feature that will ensure a perfect sky in the pictures taken with their devices.

For now known as "Sky Replacement" (something like "Sky Replacement"), the feature will be integrated with the manufacturer's device gallery app, and works by replacing the original sky of your photo with several stylized versions, like a perfect blue sky, it's a golden or reddish sunset, and the app adjusts the light for the rest of the image so the scene looks more natural.

The feature was discovered by Poles kacskrz, a member of the XDA-Developers website, who also made the above video. Apparently, he will make his debut on three devices currently under development by Xiaomi, codenamed Raphael, DaVinci and Pixys. According to the site, Raphael and DaVinci would be high-end handsets based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, and Pixys would be the MIUI version of an Android One, the Mi A2's successor.

And you, do you agree with these features to "enhance" photos, or do you think cameras should simply portray reality? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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