Xiaomi vai apresentar amanhã TV com câmera frontal e sistema Android

Xiaomi will present tomorrow TV with front camera and Android system

A television with front camera, this is the latest release of Xiaomi, Chinese company well known here in Brazil for their smartphones. The launch of the TV happens tomorrow, according to the company's announcement on social networks, she even shared a picture with the date.

Usually Xiaomi products arrive after a series of leaks, something that hasn't happened with this Mi TV, at least so far. This is the first television of its kind made by the company and has some interesting features, such as gesture control. The Android-based operating system promises to be intuitive, giving quick access to what television offers.

It is also possible that the TV has video conferencing functionality, something that can change the way we look at televisions if the design change catches on. The smart TV also comes with a remote control and a distinctive rear design, according to the Giz Mochina. There is still no information about the camera and details of the features that will be offered.


The company wants to consolidate with IoT devices and has already announced its coming to Brazil

Despite its reputation in the West for selling its mobile phones, Xiaomi has proven throughout its history that it is not just a smartphone company.

Recently she also reported selling 44 different products in 3 months, which also shows her emphasis on manufacturing various gadgets.

Via: Giz Mochina. [TagsToTranslate] xiaomi