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Xiaomi, who didn't copy the Memojis, uses Apple video in campaign

Ah, the Xiaomi. One of the most interesting smartphone makers of the moment, responsible for some of the most significant technology advances in recent years, cannot resist falling into certain pitfalls so common to Chinese (and easily preventable) companies.

Earlier this week, we talked about your Mimojis, facial capture feature that turns a user's face into an animated emoji but no one can say that Xiaomi copied Apple and its Memojisbecause the Chinese are threatening to sue anyone who does. Well apparently Xiaomi has to sue Xiaomi itself.

As informed the site Caixin Global, the Chinese manufacturer recently used a Memoji video (I know it's hard, but the one with the letter "e" from Apple) to advertise its similar feature. The video in which the dolls sing Talk, by Khalid, was published on the official Mi CC9 smartphone page and the device sales pages of some Chinese web stores.

According to Xiaomi's public relations manager, Xu Jieyun, Apple's video publishing was a mistake on the part of the company's marketing team, which is, in fact, quite a slip, considering the similarity between the Memojis and the Mimojis.

Of course, on the other hand, Xiaomi may just want to make some fun for free advertising, and we're all falling like ducklings.

The fact is that the situation is funny in any one that is analyzed. Less, perhaps, for Apple.

via 9to5Mac