Xiaomi suspende vendas de carregador rápido de 65W por possível vulnerabilidade

Xiaomi suspends sales of 65W fast charger for possible vulnerability

Xiaomi announced its 65W chargers – which used glio nitride technology or, just GaN -, together with the launch of their devices MI 10. In the last few days this accessory has disappeared from several sales sites and some physical stores. According to the company, this charger is showing vulnerability, therefore, they have been collected and are no longer available.

Xiaomi received a warning from a security team, not related to Chinese, stating that the your device was using unencrypted firmware. The product uses a rewritable eFlash / MTP chip, this is because it can be used to correct possible problems and update the loading protocol. As he does not have active security systems, this makes him vulnerable to attack by hackers.

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This means that if people with bad intentions try to access the charger, they would have a clear path. This jeopardizes user security, as hackers could cause high voltage outputs. This could result in damage to the product and also, consequently, the user.

The smartphone would hardly have a very serious situation, such as explosion or fire. That's because they they are equipped with surge protection. The new devices now leave the factory with an intermittent charging protection status or, without charging. Like this, if the voltage exceeds 20V, the built-in OVP will protect the device's hardware.

The device itself would have no major problems. Despite this, if other peripheral accessories are connected, they can be damaged. For example, if the user has a headset connected and has a large load of power, the headset can be damaged and stop working.

So far, the measure being taken will stop distributing the charger. But, Xiaomi is expected to be working to fix this problem. If the user wants to find out about a specific product, he can contact the after-sales service.

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