Xiaomi começa novo crowdfunding para aquecedor e purificador de água

Xiaomi starts new crowdfunding for water heater and purifier

THE Xiaomi started yet another of its crowdfunding campaigns in China. This time, through your brand Yimu Technology, the company wants to launch a new water heater, which also has a purifying function. THE Yimu Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser it is a connected gadget, as you would expect, and it promises to heat your water in just a second.

Crowdfunding, crowdfunding, usually works by releasing "prizes" depending on the amount contributed. In the case of the new Yimu Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser, you will need to make a contribution starting at 1,499 yuan, which gives more or less $ 211 – $ 1,086 at the current price.

The promise of heating the water in just a second does not specify to what temperature, as the gadget lets you choose how far you want to heat your water. And, although its purifying function is not as prominent as that of heating, the new product does a complete service of water cleaning.

According to the manufacturer, the Yimu Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser features three-layer reverse osmosis filtration with five levels and patented UVC sterilization with ultraviolet rays. Sterilization is 99.9%.

You can follow all these functions through your smartphone, clear. Through the dedicated app you can monitor the water quality in real time and program your different heating actions. The temperature control is so precise that you can set changes of 0.5C.

The Yimu Smart Instant Hot Water Dispenser will be launched in black and white color options, and it will start shipping to your buyers from May 3.

Source: GizmoChina. [TagsToTranslate] xiaomi