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Xiaomi Smart Sink Announced from CNY1,999 (US $ 284)

The desire of many people to have that fully automated dream kitchen, and the Xiaomi He has been paying attention to this fact. The latest product from Chinese crowdfunding Mensarjor Sink Washing Machine, a sink with smart compartment for washing vegetables and other food before going into the pan. The funding amounted to about 4.4 million yuan (about $ 625,500) to make the idea a reality.

The "washing machine" uses ultrasonic technology to remove dirt particles (and even pesticides) of the food, then drain the water automatically. It also takes advantage of six integrated vibrating parts It is an innovative array arrangement technology for forming high frequency vibrations.

The container has a capacity of up to 10 liters and according to the product description it is possible to wash up to 50 shrimp, 20 potatoes, 10 crabs or 15 but at a time. There are three washing modes with different intensities and water levels.

The complete package of the device comes with a stainless steel faucet and retractable design, but can also be purchased as a standalone appliance. Also, it can be controlled by smartphone app MIJIA.

The product should start to be marketed in China from September 14. So, the device alone costs CNY1,999 ($ 284 in direct conversion). If one is interested in the complete package, the price rises to CNY 2,498 ($ 355) with installation fee included (CNY100).


Bicycle manufactured by Himo and approved by crowdfunding

With Xiaomi back in Brazil, do you believe Mensarjor Sink Washing Machine will be in Brazilian kitchens in the future?

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