Chaveiro inteligente da Xiaomi é feito para quem costuma perder objetos

Xiaomi Smart Keychain Made for Those Who Lose Objects

In addition to manufacturing smartphones and other electronics, Xiaomi also releases various products in China, and that's what happened this week. The famous Asian company introduced in its native country the Xiaomi Booty Smart, a smart keychain made to help those who often lose items such as smartphone, wallet or backpack.

Bringing a slim and very light design, weighing only 10 grams, the product was made in partnership with Shaanxi Minuo Electronic Information Technology and has a sensor that can be paired with the phone, generating a coverage field of 15 meters. To use the gadget, simply hang it on the object you want to protect and pair the device with the smatphone through an app.

Image: Xiaomi / Divulgao

The gadget offers the sensor location via GPS and also activates an alarm on the device when the protected object moves more than 15 meters away from the mobile phone. When the lost accessory is found, simply turn off the alarm and reactivate the product.

Xiaomi's smart keychain can also be used to search for a lost smartphone. The gadget has a button that lets you sound an alert on the device connected via the app if you lose your mobile device from view.

Image: Xiaomi / Divulgao

According to Xiaomi, Booty Smart's replaceable battery lasts for about a year, so the user doesn't have to worry about the product's autonomy. When it comes to price, the accessory was presented in China with an approximate value of $ 14, about $ 52.67.

Xiaomi's new product has not yet reached stores, but the trend is that the keychain does not take long to appear in large Asian e-commerce, which allows Brazilians to export the accessory.

Via: Gizmochina