Xiaomi shows Mi TV Stick at event – gadget should be launched soon

THE Xiaomi showed images of the new Mi TV Stick at an online event held in Germany to launch its smartphone line Redmi Note 9 in the country. This was the first time that the company officially presented the device, confirming that the Mi TV Stick should arrive soon.


Notebooks were advertised for prices of $ 513 to $ 700

The Mi TV Stick is a smaller device than the Mi Box 4K, designed to turn ordinary TVs into smart TVs just by plugging the gadget into a port. The new device from the Chinese manufacturer first appeared in a leak in the previous month, revealing that it and several other IoT (Intelligence of Things) products will be launched in Europe as early as May.

During the live broadcast of the Redmi Note 9 in Germany, Xiaomi took the opportunity to introduce the image of the Mi TV Stick together with its remote control. The Mi TV Stick should arrive in black with a semi-matte finish. There is a "Mi" logo engraved on the middle of the device.

To connect to the TV, the Mi TV Stick has an HDMI output port. Its Bluetooth voice remote control, which is also black, has dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The remote control also has a circular directional keyboard, a dedicated Google Assistant button, an on / off button, volume control buttons and navigation buttons.

The Mi TV Stick image released by Xiaomi does not show other ports, but rumors suggest that the gadget will have a USB port and a MicroSD card slot. It is speculated that its launch price in Europe is around 80.

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