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Xiaomi Releases Stable Version of MIUI 7 in Brazil: Learn How to Upgrade Your Device

The MIUI 7 was announced in August in China, and is now available for Mi devices sold in Brazil. Xiaomi's seventh version of the system has been available in beta since October 17, with full support for the Portuguese language. Check out all the news from MIUI 7 and learn how to upgrade your device in the following article.

MIUI 7 – Download the official version

The global stable version of MIUI 7 is already available for some Xiaomi devices, including models sold in Brazil, such as Redmi 2 and Redmi 2 Pro. The update is accessible via OTA and can be downloaded to the device via the following path. : Settings> About Phone> System Updates.

In addition to updating via OTA, it is possible to manually install the new stable MIUI 7 ROM by the recovery mode. Remember: Back up your device before starting the manual upgrade process. More information on how to perform backups on Android you can check the link below:

How to install MIUI 7

Note: In recovery, the touch screen does not work; To move between items on the screen, use the Volume buttons, and to open the selected item, press the Power button.

  • Select your device model and download the MIUI 7 stable here;
  • Restart the device in Recovery mode through system settings;
  • Choose the English language;
  • Then select the option 'Wipe & Reset';
  • Select 'Wipe Cache' option
  • Select the second item, 'Wipe User Data';
  • Select now 'Back to Mainmenu';
  • To install the update, select 'Install to system'
  • Confirm the ROM installation, then select 'Reboot' and wait for the device to restart.
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Installation process via OTA on Redmi 2 Pro. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>MIUI 7 – Features and New Functions</h2>
<p>The new version of MIUI comes with the purpose of optimizing the user experience with the software, as well as seeking to optimize the features of the phone for the sake of the battery. Static changes have taken a backseat in MIUI 7, except for the presence of the device's new native themes: Ros, Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze and High Life. In addition to the four new themes, Xiaomi has inserted a new font size that may not exactly benefit the readability of the information displayed on the device screen. The new size was nicknamed XXG (XXL in English).</p>
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MIUI 7 is not compiled on Android Lollipop 5.1, but on KitKat 4.4.4, although this difference is not noticeable during system operation. Xiaomi's software offers 64-bit support regardless of the Android version, and in the case of MIUI 7, some features in Android 6.0 Marshmallow are seen on the Mi OS, such as full control over app permissions.

Another MIUI 7 feature that calls attention to MIUI Data Saver, which is based on Opera Max browser data compression technology. This technology allows the user to send images and website addresses to a specific proxy that will compress the file size , saving up to 50% on mobile data traffic. Internet data can be monitored in real time through the MIUI 7 settings, that is, you will not only see a percentage or the total data consumed, but will be able to track the consumption in real time.

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MIUI 7 compiled on Android KitKat 4.4.4. / ANDRODIPIT
<p>Compared to MIUI 6, the new version of MIUI is up to 30% faster due to some optimizations made by Xiaomi. Multitasking has been optimized to pause or suspend applications that are idle or use the device's GPS without the user's consent, for example. Device location services have been given specific control permissions, as the user can manually limit which application can use GPS or track the device's location. </p>
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Below you can check out other news introduced with MIUI 7:

  • Showtime: This feature allows MIUI 7 users to insert a video to play when their friends who also use MIUI are receiving their call.
  • Smart Do Not Disturb: MIUI 7 makes Mi Band more effective at managing your calls or alerts. When Mi Band detects that you are sleeping "Do Not Disturb" mode will be activated automatically, muting your phone and ensuring that your sleep is not disturbed by various alerts. When you wake up, the function will be disabled automatically, returning to the default alert volumes.
  • Baby Album: MIUI 7 uses facial recognition technology to automatically identify babies and group their photos, allowing parents to access photos at each stage of their child's growth. These photos can be presented in a slideshow on the phone's Home screen.

And what did you think about the new features of MIUI 7?

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