Xiaomi Qingping é um despertador inteligente com conectividade Bluetooth

Xiaomi Qingping a smart alarm clock with Bluetooth connectivity

Xiaomi's Youpin crowdfunding platform spawned a new product, Qingping. This smart alarm clock with Bluetooth connectivity will be available in China from January 14 for 59 yuan ($ 8).


This value only for those who purchase the product through crowdfunding.

The Qingping smart alarm clock has a simple design and no physical buttons. Instead, the user presses the rubberized body of the alarm clock. The Snooze function can be activated this way and it is active for 10 minutes. Pressing the body of the alarm twice in a row turns off the alarm.

With Bluetooth connectivity, the alarm clock can be connected to a smartphone using this wireless technology. Once connected, the alarm clock automatically synchronizes the watch with that of the handset. The alarm clock also allows the user to set up to 16 different alarms, eight ring tones and the alarm volume.

Xiaomi Qingping a smart alarm clock with Bluetooth connectivity

In addition to the alarm function, Qingping also offers features such as temperature sensor and humidity sensor. For temperature, it utilizes a Sensirion sensor accurate to 0.2 degrees Celsius. J the accuracy of 2% RH humidity sensor. With these levels of accuracy the gadget can detect temperature and humidity changes more efficiently.

The smart alarm screen backlight can have its brightness intensity adjusted automatically. For example, the brightness is automatically reduced to 50% from 22h to 7h.

Bluetooth connectivity also allows Qingping to be used in conjunction with other MiJia platform-based smart devices. With this type of integration, an electric heater can be switched on automatically when the temperature falls below 20 degrees Celsius, for example.

Xiaomi Qingping a smart alarm clock with Bluetooth connectivity

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