Xiaomi present ebook reader November 20th

Xiaomi will introduce a new digital book reader on November 20th, the information was shared by the company itself through the Weibo social network and published through the Mijia account, a sub-brand with a number of smart home-based smart products.

Like other products already announced by China, the new digital reader (e-reader) follows the crowdfounding model, as we have recently seen the company do with its electric bike.

Unfortunately, the main product information is being saved for the day of its announcement, so the main tips we have come from the image above.

Detail for what appears to be a button in the upper right corner of the device.

The drawing shows two people on a train in a region surrounded by mountains and vegetation.

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The device arrives to compete with the Amazon device, which is currently responsible for ebook sales through its ecommerce.

For those who want to know more about the Xiaomi digital player, have to wait until next Wednesday, when the product should have its main specifications and also explanations of how to buy it.

Previously, the company even launched a similar device that includes writing features, the Xiaomi Moaan W7.

The gadget has a very similar design and has various functions, which requires 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

With a wide range of products, Xiaomi came to Brazil this year and recently announced that opening a new store, on November 23, in Shopping Center Norte (SP), the company will open its newest physical space in partnership with DL Distribuidora , learn more in the news.

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