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Xiaomi Mi Watch get released tomorrow! Know what to expect from the smart watch

Xiaomi is gearing up for the official announcement of Mi Watch, the company's smart smartphone that comes alongside the Mi CC9 Pro (Mi Note 10) smartphone and the Mi TV 5 smart television. The watch has Wear OS operating system and had its images Officials released, with some traits that show some of their inspiration on Apple Watch, check below.

Xiaomi's smart watch has curved sapphire glass as a touchscreen protection. Following a little of what presented by the apple company, the Mi Watch features a curved sapphire glass that protects the touchscreen with a rounded square shape at the tips and command buttons on the right side. According to Gizmochina, the operating system, the used version of Google's Android Wear, can be called Mi Wear.

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With part of its body made of polished stainless steel, something that guarantees a premium look to the device, it also features a side microphone for smart functions. On its left side also has space reserved for ventilation of the speaker and its secondary microphone. Its plastic base is also a space for the docking of the charger, besides presenting the heart rate monitor.

Its processor is a Snapdragon 3100, something that was recently unveiled by Xiaomi, it has four 1.2GHz clock cores and an Adreno 304 graphics chip. Xiaomi guarantees to have a great duration. Perhaps it is a saved specification to call attention to your release.

Technology highlights in its features include NFC, GPS, 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. The device promises to generate data about your nights sleep, calories burned and track all physical activities performed during the day to day.

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