Xiaomi Mi Speaker portable speaker to be launched on February 17th

O general manager of Xiaomi in India, Manu Kumar Jain, made a slightly mysterious announcement on his official account at Twitter, but it can easily be decoded as the arrival of a new company speaker to the market.

And not just any speaker, but a portable one with support for Bluetooth.


Device was also considered the best in audio

The launch of Xiaomi's new product has been confirmed for February 17th.

The company already sells a series of different speakers on China, then it is difficult to know which model will be brought to the Indian market and potentially to the rest of the world after that.

According to the website Gizmo China, the main bets for this launch are the Mi Outdoor Speaker Mini which costs CNY 99 (R $ 61 in direct conversion) and the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, which costs CNY 199 (R $ 125).

The Outdoor Speaker Mini is a miniaturized version of a Xiaomi speaker from 2018.

It has support for the protocol Bluetooth 5.0, weighs 185g and has dimensions of 86 86 45mm.

It uses an interface USB Type-C to charge your impressive 2000mAh battery.

Source: Xiaomi

According to the company, the device is capable of playing 10 hours of music at 60% volume.

The product also has IP55 protection against water and dust.

It is able to connect to another speaker to form a stereo speaker to deliver separation effects between the right and left channels.

Source: Xiaomi

The Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is much more robust than the other model, but it also costs twice the price.

It similar to Mi Pocket Bluetooth Speaker 2, even bringing its cylindrical shape.

Its body is covered with both fabric and soft plastic, which makes it a light and robust product.

Source: Xiaomi

The power button is located at the bottom of the device, while the volume controls are on the sides.

At the bottom edge you can find a USB Type-C port.

It also has IP55 protection against water and dust.

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