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Xiaomi may receive sanctions for sale of products without Anatel approval in Brazil

THE National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) is keeping an eye on Irregular sale of Xiaomi electronics in Brazil. The statement was given to the site Canaltech, and repercussion of public news here in Connected worldwhere we show a number of products with numbers that are not found in the regulatory body registration system and even cases where different products have a seal indicating the same certification.


Branded smartphones have Anatel, but other devices have problems and omit seal

Anatel is already aware that there are unapproved products being sold in the country, something a federal crime as no radio communication device can be sold in the country without certification by the supervisory body. If the irregularities in the photos from our previous publication are confirmed, this can aggravate the picture, characterizing it as estelionate and counterfeiting.

The public agency works to address the irregularity of joint distributors, post offices, customs and e-commerce, Anatel told the Canaltech. In addition to reaching Xiaomi, the sanctions imposed on the sale of the unapproved product also extend to companies that supply these goods.

Approval and after sales are among the main reasons for the higher price of DL-distributed models.

Anatel's certification seal indicates the certification of the device and guarantees the consumer compatibility with the Brazilian cellular telephone networks, the quality of services and consumer safety, according to the requirements established by Anatel, as well as warranty and technical assistance conditions. .

To meet these requirements there is an increase in product cost, which impacts the final price to the consumer, and for this reason along with other after-sales factors that DL Eletrnicos, the company responsible for marketing Xiaomi products in the country, has been justifying the higher cost of handsets distributed through it compared to models imported by third parties.

Although there are already a number of homologated products, among the Chinese company's multiple smarpthones highlights, several products in the physical store at Shopping Ibirapuera apparently do not have this certification and are being marketed, as we showed in our previous publication. So far, we are still without a response from Xiaomi's advisory in Brazil about the case.

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