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Xiaomi Launches Smart Magic Cube with Bluetooth and Smart Homes Sync

THE Xiaomi continues to expand its product catalog and the launch of the least unexpected: after a financing campaign in China, the company announced the Mi Smart Rubiks Cubeis a smart magic cube that promises to reinvent the classic puzzle and bring another connected gadget to the home of brand fans.

Using a six-axis sensor system, the product is capable of capturing each rotation and color change as the user attempts to solve the puzzle. All data can be saved and viewed via a magic cube application that can be synced with Android and iOS software via Bluetooth.

In addition to accurately calculating the entire process of solving the magic cube, the app can also act as a guide and give the user tips to optimize the way to complete the puzzle. The app also has nine difficulty levels, bringing extra challenges to modify the journey of those already mastering the challenge.

(Image: Xiaomi / Divulgao)

The product also has support for the Mijia application and can therefore be synchronized with other devices that target connected home environments. As exemplified by GizmochinaIt is possible to pair the magic cube with smart lamps and make the color of the device change according to the user's performance when solving the puzzle.

Despite the connected functions, Xiaomi ensures that consumers do not have to worry about the Mi Smart Rubiks Cube battery. The device uses a battery as a battery source and has a battery life of up to one year.

The tendency for Xiaomi's magic cube to hit the Chinese market will soon cost only 79 yuan, less than $ 50 in direct conversion, and will also appear in e-commerce companies that ship worldwide.

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