Xiaomi lança robô do Homem de Ferro do filme Vingadores: Ultimato por US$ 286

Xiaomi lana rob of Iron Man from the Avengers movie: Ultimatum for $ 286

THE Xiaomi launched in China its miniature version of Iron Man with the Mark 50 armor – also known as the Bleeding Edge – that the hero wears in his latest Marvel movie, Avengers: Ultimatum. The fully automated minirrob can be controlled through an application compatible with both Android as with iOS.

The user can use intuitive blocks of programming to have the minirrob perform a series of tasks, which include moving, firing poses and the ability to lift the mask, in one of the hero's most iconic visuals in movies. But instead of showing the face of a Tony Stark doll, actually revealed a small LED display.

The default face can be replaced with a user image. O Iron Man MK50 Robot It already comes with some recorded phrases to speak automatically, but the buyer can also record his own for him to speak when he raises the mask or performs any other actions.


Rob can be customized using the programming languages: Python eScratch

The minirrob also comes with a game to be played in augmented reality with the help of its application that is currently available in the store. Tencent, since the release was made in China.

Another interesting feature of the Iron Man MK50 Robot is that its feet rely on infrared sensors to detect the surface where the robot walks. If little Tony Stark realizes he's coming to an edge, he'll automatically notice and take several steps on his own as a safety precaution.

The small toy / robot weighs a total of 1.2 kg and has an internal battery that can be recharged via USB. Xiaomi promises up to 1.5 hours of autonomy, approximately. The Iron MK50 Robot manufactured by UBtech and was released in China for 1,965 yuan, which gives $ 286 in the current quotation, the equivalent of R $ 1,105. Now see in which markets the company intends to distribute the product, since if it depends on the popularity of Marvel heroes, you could sell the small robot worldwide.

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