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Xiaomi lana Mijia Photo Printer mini printer for under $ 100

The Redmi Note 7 was not the only release of Xiaomi in the last week. The company also introduced its new portable printer Mijia, capable of printing photos taken with your smartphone instantly. Still focusing on cost x benefit, the Mijia Photo Printer was announced by 499 yuan, what d about $ 73 ($ 271).

The printer takes photos up to 6 inches in different programmable formats. Its maximum print resolution is 300 x 300dpi using the CMY three color standard. Xiaomi says the printer automatically applies a protective layer to photos, with "excellent" resistance against scratches, fingerprints and splashes.

The printer is designed to work with smartphones, but can also print photos from your computer. It does, however, require a wireless connection, so your computer or notebook needs to be compatible. That's because Mijia doesn't have a USB connection to stay more compact. To use the printer with the smartphone just download the app Mijia made for it. It is interesting that the compatible gadget also Wehat, China's most popular messaging app. D to have a photo sent or received printed in a conversation, for example, directly.

Mijia has not yet forecast to reach stores in Chinaleast of all in the rest of the world.

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