Xiaomi Lana Cup Heater Also Wireless Charger

The chinese manufacturer Xiaomi announced a new product that not just a cup heater as it still has 10W power portable charger functionality. According to the website Gizmo China, the unusual Xiaomi gadget capable of keeping your liquid at a constant temperature of 55C.


This goes for phones above this price range released in 2020.

All you have to do to do this is leave your cup on top of the wireless charger. According to a company spokesman, the Xiaomi Warm Up Cup uses a different method than resistance wire heating that is traditionally used in this type of product.

Instead, they implemented a wireless heating method that works in much the same way as a wireless smartphone charging. Therefore, there is nothing fairer than linking the useful with the pleasant and launching a truly unique product.

Source: Xiaomi

The company's promise that this wireless charging method is safer and more stable and capable of keeping the cup temperature constant is already mentioned as an ideal value of 55C by the company's engineers.

The Xiaomi Cup Warmer has a design that is thought to resemble a traditional ceramic cup. According to representatives of Xiaomi, the main concern during product design was that it was safe and durable.

Source: Xiaomi

The cup that comes next to the waterproof heater can be washed normally after use. The way the heating works has been designed to protect the user from any chance of burns. The Xiaomi Warm Up Cup goes into standby mode and stops liquid heating after four hours of inactivity.

When not keeping your tea or coffee warm, the Xiaomi gadget can also be used as a 10W wireless charger. It is compatible with any smartphone or device that has Qi standard charging technology, including Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple and Samsung models.

Via: Gizmo China