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Xiaomi Lana 1 Year Battery Drawing & Note Tablet

Xiaomi has just launched a tablet of drawings and notes through its sub-brand Mijia. The device has a touch sensitive LCD screen that can assume different utilities according to customer needs. The company advertised the product as useful for children and even executives.

The gadget was released in versions of 10 and 13.5 podegados, with weights of 195 and 345 grams respectively. The user has green writing and the thickness of each drawn line changes according to the force applied to the stroke.

One of the common problems of devices today is generally their autonomy, something that should not be a problem for this new Xiaomi device. With 365 days of autonomy, one year, the user can use for 12 months without recharging. The company makes sure that this lasts even after having the screen cleaned 100 times a day.

The device's simple design shows how it can end up being used by adults in everyday life. It can be useful for sketching and other small planning. You can use it to make a mind map for studies, for example, or even on works to work on small plants. The utilities are varied. Besides, of course, it can bring life to the imagination of children and their drawings.

Xiaomi comments that writing on your tablet is a very similar experience to writing on a sheet of paper.

For the drawings, the tablet already comes with a special 7 gram pen. Already his body is only 7mm thick.

For those interested in the tablet, it is available for 24 euros on the 10 inch version and 29 euros on the 13.5.

Mijia is a sub-brand of Xiaomi with varied gadget releases. Recently, we saw the company launch a smart sink, microwave, dryer, printer and many other products. In previous months, the Chinese launched several handsets, and a small number of them was smartphone. She is currently being well known for home devices.