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Xiaomi is accused of copying Apple's Memojis and strongly denies

A few days ago, the site Gizmochina announced that the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi plans to launch its next device, the CC9, with a new version of the Mimoji. I think you can see what this is about, right?

In addition to the similar trade name, Xiaomi's humanoid characterization feature is very similar to Apple's, Memoji But anyone who says the Chinese manufacturer copied Ma risks being sued.

After the buzz about a possible Memoji plagiarism, Xiaomi issued a statement stating that it did not copy Apple's appeal. In addition, the company has threatened to take legal action against those who continue to spread inaccurate information in communities of Chinese social network Weibo, which it refers to as "rumor dealers".

The company was so angry about the situation that even its general manager of public relations, Xu Jieyun, led to the controversy for social networks. According to the executive, Xiaomi first launched Mimoji in May 2018, and that both the name (in English) and the APK package of the feature have the same name.

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Image: https://www.gizmochina/2019/06/29/xiaomi-cc9-will-come-with-a-new-version-of-mimoji/

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Jieyun further claimed that Apple launched Memoji (its animated version of Animoji, however with people) on June 5, 2018, ie after Xiaomi, and that “the functional logic of the two features is very different” ( Xiaomi's solution is created automatically while Apple's is made manually by the user). He also clarified that the etymology of the word Mimoji comes from "Emoji," the same case as Apple.

As for pleading allegations, the executive asked these people to provide evidence supporting the charges and that if they continue to judge the appeal without any legal backing, the company will take legal action on the matter.

Well opinions?

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