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Xiaomi Introduces Nest for Dogs and Cats Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest

The Chinese manufacturer of electronics Xiaomi introduced its new nest to cats and small dogsarriving with a design inspired by a space capsule. The product is called Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest It is recommended for cats up to 8kg and for small dogs up to 4kg.


The device has the same proposal as GoPro cameras and dedicates the third lens to it.

The space inside the nest is 33 liters and it comes with two entrances positioned at an angle of about 90 degrees between them. This way, the pet does not have to turn around to leave the capsule. Both of these entries are 19cm in diameter.

The Spaceship Smart Pet Nest even comes with technologies to enhance your pet's comfort. It has an intelligent temperature control feature that can regulate how hot or how cold it is inside the nest. This is regulated by a built-in environmental accuracy sensor that uses a technology known as "semiconductor heat pumping".

cat inside xiaomi's smart pet nest next to a woman reading a bookSource: Xiaomi

The Xiaomi capsule still has a health monitoring feature. This allows you to record and monitor your pet's activities and sleep. This data can be accessed from the Moestar application at any time. The same app can be used to change the color of the nest lighting at any time the user wishes.

The temperature inside the nest is automatically adjusted as the room temperature varies. Even a cooling system has been included which ensures that there is no condensation in regions where there is a lot of moisture in the air.

xiaomi moestar spaceship smart pet nest with backlightingSource: Xiaomi

The app even alerts the pet owner if the cat or dog has left feces inside the nest. The Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest costs CNY 399 (R $ 227 in direct convert).

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